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Movie to visit: Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything  auf Polyvore
The fascinating story of the well-known astrophysicist Stephen Hawking starts in the beginning sixties with a young man (Eddie Redmayne) who is studying at the University of Cambridge. He meets Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), also student and an attentive spirit. Despite their contrary views, especially about god, they fall in love with each other. But soon Stephen notices changes in his motor function and after a breakdown he gets diagnosed ALS (a degenerative neurological disease) with only two more years remaining to live. A big jar for the young couple but Jane still wants to marry him. 

Stephen becomes a doctor and continues to impress with his scientific achievements on the fields of physics and astronomy. Years go by and his physical activities are continually decreasing but his mind is staying awake und he also shows a lot of humor in mastering his harsh fate. The couple gets three children and the family, especially Jane, tries to act like a normal family. As the movie goes on, it is displayed how hard it is to live a normal life on such premises.

The film is based on the novel “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen” written by the real Jane Wilde (former Hawking) and focusses on the relationship between Stephan and Jane. Their weaknesses and their strenghts and both their complicated personalities are shown. The fate of this great mathematician is displayed in a very touching way, It lets us think about live, love and the universe. A story about not giving up and incredible courage to master live even with great misfortune. I recommend everybody to visit this movie, because you will definitely leave cinema with a cheering feeling. 

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