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Favorite spring trends - how I wear the 70s Trend

One of the fashion trends we will see this year on the streets everywhere is the 70s revival. Nowadays, we all can wear what we want. There is no such thing as a fashion dictate. In the 70s, every woman had to wear the same fashion, because fashion was relatively expensive and more difficult to get and therefore the trends lasted much longer. But today, we have more freedom in choosing what we want to wear. I wear what I want and when it is on trend - even better! But from time to time we all should try a new trend to make fashion fun!

And now my inspirations on the 70s: Flared Jeans, trench coats, plateau sandals, long tunics, buttoned denim skirts, maxi dresses, fringe pieces, suede or lace are the most important elements of this trend. Raquel Welch, Farrah Fawcett or Jane Birkin are the big styling idols of this decade. These days, I wouldn't wear all elements of this style at the same time, because it would look like a costume. I choose one or two trend pieces and combine them with classic pieces like a blazer or blouse in neutral colors or black and white. This way, the so called "Hippie-Stile" becomes wearable and can also look elegant. Here are pieces I will wear to follow this trend:

Flared pants

The easiest piece to incorporate are flared pants. They are very much on trend. Only a little flared and in all colors or made of denim, they are a perfect new trend piece. A couple of years ago I bought myself flared pants from H&M in light denim with high waist. Together with my flower blouse and tan suede jacket this is a modern and on trend outfit I will wear often this spring-summer. I also own a few long tunics to go with the flared jeans for easy summer days. Furthermore, I will buy a fringe piece like a jacket or bag soon. 


Fringe von fourtyand auf polyvore

My sandals with fringes I will wear together with my white, long summer dress. Accompanied with a brown fringe bag this will be my ultimate outfit for hot summer days in 70s style. Fringe suede jackets are also really great and can be combined in many ways.

On this blog you find here denim pieces in 70s style. Jeans were very much loved back then and I also love my flared jeans, as can be seen next:

Will you wear the 70s trend?

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