Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

3 interesting links and background information


Mothers day is always a nice day to remember what our mothers have done for us. Famous mothers and daughters are presented on Popsugar here. You can find pictures of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson or Meryl Streep and Louisa Jacobson Gummer. In my collage above there is also a picture of all three daughters of Meryl Streep. 

First pictures of Meryl Streep in her new film "Ricki and the Flash" were shown last week. The pictures and some background information has FashionGoneRouge here. I am already looking forward to this movie since I like Meryl Steep a lot and she can really sing. In the meantime there is also a trailer to watch here

Audrey Hepburn would have turned 86 this week. She has become an idol for many women and was very famous for her fashion and style. For all those who love the 50s fashion and the Audrey Hepburn there is a post here on Refinery29.

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