Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

amazing links of the week

Links von fourtyand, Maybelline enthaltend

When you get to Vienna and are looking for fine groceries, the first address is the Meinl am Graben. Vanessa has published wonderful pictures from this shop on her blog If you like beautiful photos of Vienna, food, flowers and travel, her blog is a must for you. 

On the website Refinery29 there is a great compilation of makeup tips to cover up small beauty flaws. I have to fight dark eye rings and pigmentation in wrong places. You will find a solution for everything. 

Peonies are for me one of the most beautiful flowers, especially in combination with roses. Siela has made very amazing photos from the Viennese Burggarten with the most beautiful peonies. You can find them here on her blog Theviennesegirl.

The amazing Cate Blanchet was at Armani's 40-years party and looked wonderful. The white tuxedo and the hair are gorgeous. I didn't like the bold ribbon belt. It could have been a little bit smaller. But see for yourself here on FasionGoneRouge. 

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