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Tuck it in - a simple way to upgrade your outfit

Tucked von fourtyand auf Polyvore
Today, I will show you different possibilities by tucking a top into the waistband of your bottom and therefore making your outfit more exciting and interesting. On my blog you can find more ways to enhance your outfits by simple steps here and here or here.

The Full Tuck:
I love to tuck my tops into the waistband to show my waist and therefore my X-body shape. And in my opinion, it looks more professional and appears to be even more interesting with, for instance a belt. Making my legs look longer is another big advantage. But in summer with high temperatures, I also often wear tops outside the waist, since it is a little bit breezier.

How to do a Full Tuck? 
First, you put on your blouse or shirt and then the pants or the skirt over it. Stretch your arms over your head to release as much fabric to make the outfit comfortable to move. Watch yourself in the mirror and adjust the fabric the way you like it.

Tuck1 auf polyvore

The Front Tuck:
This way you will be styled in front for the office and in rear ready for the party. This is the best way to show your waist without appearing too lazy. It is a lot easier than the full tuck and makes a simple outfit a fashion statement. Worn with a belt, it's even cooler. If you put the front tuck a little bit to the side, you may even hide a small tummy.

How to do the Front Tuck?
First, put on your bottom and then the top. You then grab the hem of your blouse in the middle or further to the side, twirl it a little bit and put it with on hand into your pants. In front of the mirror, you can find the prettiest option. Be sure to control the rear side since sometimes a blouse can look like a balloon. 

Unbenannt #411 auf polyvore
The Half Tuck:
This way, a classic wardrobe staple like the button-down becomes cool since it looks a little bit unfinished and therefore casual. You could say it looks a little bit lazy but on the weekend this can be desirable sometimes. For the office, I would not wear this option. When tucking in the top, a pretty belt or other details around your waist can be emphasized.

How to do the Half Tuck:
You just don't close your blouse down to the bottom but leave the lowest buttons open. Then, you only put one side into your waistband. The other side will be left outside casually. 

The Wrap and Tuck:
This is the newest way to wear a button-down and give it a complete new look. It reminds of a wrap top and also conceals a small pouch. It is the most striking way to tuck a blouse but definitely very trendy.

How to do the Wrap and Tuck?
Take a wide blouse with a collar or borrow from your guy, wrap it halfway around your body, put the other side over it and into the waist. And there it is, your new wrap blouse.

Following, I have tried a couple of different styling options:

Tunika außen getragen
front tuck
ganz hineingesteckt
vorne seitlich in den Bund gesteckt
Tucking in gives variety to your daily outfit routine. It's a fresh way of styling clothes differently and at the same time incredibly simple. Try it today!

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