Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Dakota Johnson and Zeppelin

Whenever Dakota Johnson has got time, she walks her cute dog Zeppelin. This time she is wearing a Beach Boys Band-T-Shirt and Boyfriend Jeans from Current/Elliott with blue suede shoes. Blue suede shoes go everywhere, they are comfortable and chic at the same time. Her round sunglasses similar to 70s style from The Row are very much on trend this season. And extremely cool I find her Fedora hat, making the outfit complete. 

Nowadys she spends every free minute with her dog. But he also regularily visited her on the set of 50 Shades of Grey. Since December Dakota is Single again after quitting her relationship with Matthew Hitt. But dhe 25 year old has a cute friend. Zeppelin is a mix of a Jack Russel Terrier and a Schnauzer. 

Both breeds are great dogs. Following are a couple of differences between the breeds without wanting to be complete:
Since the Jack Russell Terrier has shorter hair, it is easier to groom and the Schnauzer  looses more hair. In general, it is easier to train a Schnauzer, because this breed is more obedient and listens better to commands. A Jack Russel Terrier needs more patience when training. More exercise needs a Jack Russell Terrier, which also is ideal for all kinds of sports or agility.

For further information, you can visit f.i. those links: Schnauzer or Jack_Russell_Terrier.

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