Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Interesting links of the week für women

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A beautiful compilation of fashion expositions in Europe with all interesting information and link to the museums was compiled by Moritz Lindert on styleranking here. Fashion is truly art!

Which sunglasses go with your type? This is not always a simple decision! A pleasureably way to find out is this quiz on College Fashion. Try it!

Vivienne Westwood turned 74 on April 8. The great and unconventional designer is also fighting against climate change is a fashion icon. On The blond salad there is an article about her with many pictures of the grand dame here. I have also here written a post about her last year when her autobiography was released. 

Chanel will sell online! Until now, a purchase with Chanel should be a special experience including astonishment, to touch and of course to try on. But the customers change and therefore next year the label will launch an online shop was announced here on elle,uk. And for those you cannot wait till then, some pieces will be available soon on net-a-porter. You have to sign in here.

With humor for more tolerance! David Beckham and James Cordon ("Late late Show") show in this clip their support for gay people. The funny spot here on How the sympatico ex-professional soccer player lives after his great carreer, I have posted on my blog here,

Here is the new campaign from Dove. Choose Beautiful! Watch the film here. Everybody is beautiful in his or her own way.

Do we want to see naked breasts on the runways? Is it art, distraction or provocation? Leandre Medine was wandering about it on her blog Man Repeller. This will make us thinking about it and everybody should make his or her own opinion.

Hillary Clinton makes it clear that she's officially seeking Democratic nomination for president. Refinery 29 reports about her chances and her campaign.  A woman for president in the White house would really be a positive sign for all women!

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