Montag, 6. April 2015

6 worthwhile links to read

Links by fourtyand on polyvore
Fresh flowers lighten up every apartement. Vicky has published 5 tips on her blog Bikini & Passports on how to have long-term joy with your flowers.

Bras can be tricky. They may fit too tight or the straps get off the shoulders when less needed. 10 common mistakes women make with their bras can be found on Refinery29. I didn't know all the facts but on my next bra purchase I will know better.

I love my trench coat! Since it is made of light material, I wear it mostly in spring and early summer. Many interesting facts around the trenchcoat you will find here on popsugar. Something new for everybody!

No to models that are too skinny in France! A French law has passed on Friday. Details here on Refinery 29.

What do fashion designers wear themselves? Of course, most attention should always lie on their collections but we are all interested in the designer itself. So WhoWhatWear has released a list of the 17 best dressed fashion designers in the world here.

Jeans should also look sexy from behind. To find out how to show off your but best in jeans go to Refinery29. Great tips!

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