Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Black & Yellow - feeling like a wasp or high fashion?

Black & Yellos
Black & Yellow on polyvore

I love to wear black and in my closet there are many clothing items of this color. Is it a color anyway or a non-color? Give it a rest - the color is so favorable because it is easy to mix with other colors, it helps us look leaner and is definitely a very elegant color. But to wear only simply black is not my case and for funerals. Therefore, I have styled this monochrome black outfit with the contrasting and sunny color yellow.  
Here on my Instagram you can see, how I wore this outfit today. My jeans are from H&M and coated with a slightly shining snake print. I have had them for many years and always like to wear them. My blazer is from Mexx and belongs to an also "older" suit. The wedge sneakers are from funky shoes and I also own them for some years now. For bicycling to work, they are perfect. The scarf and bag are from New Yorker. They play a leading role here, though they are only accessories.

Maybe, some of you might think of a wasp. And for somebody, who is afraid of these insects, the color combination is not suitable. But I like it and I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit today. It is an alternative to Black & White and something different. Will you try it anytime soon?

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