Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

3 tricks for your perfect outfit

There are those days, when I don't know what to wear. Most of the time, I plan my outfit already in the evening before, but not always the prepared clothes fit my mood or the weather has changed, or ... Then I stand in front of my closet and try to quickly find an outfit with the extra spice. 15 habits of stylish women you can also find here on

Trick No. 1:
Mix feminine and edgy clothing pieces. I like to wear feminine dresses and skirts, flower prints and strong colors. On the other side, I also like leather jackets, structured blazer, edgy boots, etc. Wear these pieces together and you will automatically otbtain a cool and unique outfit.

Red dress auf polyvore
Trick No. 2:
Make a statement with a striking shoe. Shoes with prints like snake or Leo bring a unique note to every outfit. Thus, I like to wear my leo pumps to a basic outfit. Also shoes in strong colors are fun to wear and lighten up your outfit. Your look gets instantly evaluated.

Trick No. 3: 
Play with accessories. Only statement accessories make every outfit complete. Giant necklaces or earrings are my favorites. Certainly, you should not overdo it: one piece is enough. But likewise great sunglasses or a magnificent bag are superb accents for your outfit.

Above there is a look I would wear. You see, it's as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Have fun and try it!

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