Dienstag, 17. November 2015

One clothing item every woman must have is

definitely a blouse, in my opinion.
Shirts auf Polyvore
And many fashion designers believe the same. Every woman, especially the working woman, should have a couple of blouses in her wardrobe. And also the ones made of classic materials like cotton, poplin or silk. These materials are fashion classics for a long time of period. Only the patterns differ a little bit: sometimes narrower, sometimes looser. Right now, f.i. bow blouses are very trendy. 

blouses auf Polyvore
You can wear your blouses with jeans, a pencil dress or even with trendy jogging pants. Therefore, every woman should own a variety of different styles. And every woman will combine her blouses in a different way. We always find new ways to style our blouses. I find it very interesting how different woman wear and combine different kinds of blouses. All the time, it depends on the proportions, the length and the material. There is an endless variety ...

My favorite blouse is a classic, light blue popeline blouse from Eterna. Following is an example how I have styled it. Have you already found your perfect blouse?

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