Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Movie to visit: Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight is situated in France during the years of 1920 and is a magnificant romantic comedy as known from Woody Allen. Made in the style of movies of the golden Hollywood age Magic in the Moonlight has turned out an amusing and amicable movie. 

The arrogant Stanley (Colin Firth) - a great magician - is asked by his old friend Howard (Simon McBurney), also magician, to come to France to detect a young woman for her fake transcendental skills. Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) plays the role of the young and delicate american, who charms all people around her. The son of a wealthy american family even wants to marry her. Stone is wonderful in this role with her magnificant blue eyes and her own glow.

Stanley ist a big sceptic and he doesn't believe in God nor does he believe in psychodelic humbug. Maybe Woody Allen's own believes? But Sophie manages to change the sceptic and shows him the beautiful sights in life like the smell of flowers or the moonlight sky. Ideal for this is the landscape of the  Cote d'Azur. First he believes in Sophies phsychic skills - she has her tricks and works together with Howard - but then his scetpism comes through and he ends up as a lovestruck fool.

I will not disclose much more but the movie with its great cast, the jazz soundtrack, beautiful costumes and the stunning landscape has put a spell on me. 

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