Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

How to style a parka with a simple shirt and jeans

A parka is a long hooded anorak. Originated in Alaska and Siberia it was used later on with the military. The practical long jacket usually has big bags and can be lined or not and with fur on the hood also be worn in winter. Since the 1960s the military look became a fashion trend and now the parka is worn by fashionitas all over the world. Here you can find more details.

Normally, the parka is not typically for summer but when it's cool and rainy, my practical summer parka from H&M comes in handy. On the H&M website you can find parkas in different colors and shapes.

My parka is already a couple of years old with big bags, hood and integrated belt to regulate the width of the chunky jacket. The color is classic military green and can be combined easily with other colors. I also like parkas in dark blue and neutral colors, because they substitute a trench coat. The look gets a little bit younger and also more casual. 

For the rest I choose classic items of clothing like a white T-shirt with a v-neck and jeans with strait legs. My jeans are already a little bit frayed at the legs since I have it for nearly ten years and wear it a lot. I think, ripped jeans only look good on young women. I wouldn't buy ripped jeans!

Jeans and T-shirt are a classic combination, comfortable and can be worn from women of all ages and on all occasions. The color combination I chose is an empty canvas for other colors and prints to give the outfit a little bit of color. With the yellow scarf and my yellow bag I integrated color splash of colors into the outfit. Totally necessary on a dark and rainy day. 

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