Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

5 excellent links, we can learn something from


In the Middle East and also in Afrika many refugees try to reach the safe Europe. Now, there are huge refugee problems coming to Europe. Angelina Jolie was in Turkey to inform the world about the problems. Reed the Telegraph here for more details. This political issue  and others makes me thinking. Would you like to read about my thoughts on social problems on my blog?

Victoria Beckham has arrainged 25 outfits for babies and children made of clothes of her daughter Harper Seven. They are sold from June 18 to 28 on the Ebay-Store Mary’s Living & Giving and the proceed go to the UN-organisation Save the Children. I think this is again a great charity idea form the designer. Look closer here.

Which celebrity likes to wear the same travel outfit as you? If you want to find out, take here the fun quiz on refinery29.

The Fall fashion campaigns of the top labels are coming into the newest fashion magazines. This is always a feast for our eyes and inspiration for fall. Fashion gone rouge has the pictures here

If you want to show the world your pictures, you definitely have an Instagram-Account. According to refinery29 these are the 55 most stylish instagram-feeds. Let's have a look at them!

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