Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

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Links auf polyvore
For the runway show of Victoria Beckham at the New York Fashion Week her whole family sat at the front row and encouraged Mama. Refinery 29 has the pictures here.

An unretouched picture of supermodel Cindy Crawford appeared on twitter these days. This was one of the most discussed photos on the web. On the German Stern magazine there is an interesting article on this subject.

Quite the opposite way: Julianne Moore softened and retouched for the best. Look for the 54 year old on a shooting for the LA Confidential Magazine.

Refinery29 presents 20 year old Chantelle Brown-Young, alias Winnie Harlow as a new model celebrity. She works successfully as a model although she has severe pigment disorder. At the New York Fashion Week she modeled for Desigual and she has also other advertising contracts.

For the Oscars 2015 there is a short entertaining video showing the history of the Oscar. There are a lot of interesting moments in the course of history on Refinery29

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