Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

How to wear denim on denim on ...

It's time to break fashion rules now. Women don't let them tell what to wear. And since every woman likes denim and it also fits every woman, nearly all of us have denim in our wardrobe. There is no wonder that models and Hollywood actresses show us how wonderful a mixture of different denim clothes can be. Following is a short examination of the denim trend. 

The "Canadian tuxedo" became trend because of fashion bloggers and street style role models. They showed a couple of styling ideas and therefore for instance the combination of jeans and jeans button down became fresh again. Everything goes for this trend. Another example would be a light chambray shirt and a dark blue denim skirt. But most important, the styling should consider your figure and emphasize your assets and hide parts of your body, you don't like as much. Light denim stands out and darker shades have a slimming effect. The right mixture is the success!

Denim and most of jeans have the image of casualty, but it is possible to style dark jeans with a dark jeans jacket also for the office. Combine it with statement pumps and you have and elegant business look. The possibilites are almost endless.

I'm working in a creative business environment, so there are no rules what to wear. I love wearing jeans at the office. On this picture I have even combined three denim items. The dark skinny jeans (from New Yorker) are my favorable jeans and are in contrast with the lighter jeans button down (Esprit) and the dyed blazer (Orsay, similar here). Because of proportions it would have been better to tuck the shirt into the jeans.  

To break up the blue I decorated myself with a glass bead necklace in red (similar here) and a lot of sparkle (from Zara, similar here) on my ears. 

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