Montag, 10. August 2015

Add a little color to your outfit for more interest

These days, everyone likes to wear dark colors, mainly black. But if you enter a room wearing a bold color, you will certainly be recognized. If you are brave enough, you will try this deliberately and wear a blazer, pants or a top in vivid pink or red and grab all the attention. 

For those, who don't want to attract all the attention, should at least add an accessory like a scarf in a bold color. Accessories are anyway a very important part of your wardrobe and can be played with in a variety of possibilities. With accessories you can create a more modern Look. I like to use this concept when there is a "fashion color" for a new season. Then I buy only a bag, a scarf or shoes in this bold color and the basics of my outfit stay the same. 

I love the daring look of a yellow or neon pink bag worn with an otherwise all black outfit. You may also use a colored belt to emphasize your waist. A striking shoe also goes very well with a simple jeans and white blouse or t-shirt look. 

Following are a few explaining examples from the internet and from my Outfits of the Day: 

Farbe im Outfit

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