Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

What to wear to a funeral?

A funeral is never a happy event. My grandma died with 94 years having Alzheimer for about 10 years. It was time for her to go. To accompany her on her last way. But what to wear? I like traditions and I think it is important to follow a certain etiquette. Tips regarding behavior on funerals can be found on the internet and most of them are quite helpful.

I think, that at least close relatives should wear black at the funeral. Black is these days a fashion color and everybody has black clothes in his or her closet. A funeral is a special event and therefore you should dress up a little bit. Never mind if a little black dress or a suit, traditional or modern. Shoulders however should be covered and you shouldn't show too much cleavage and wear black tights. Friends and not so close relatives of course could also wear blouses or shirts in lighter shades than black. But colors should not be too loud. 

Following are a few suggestions from me. 
1. Little black dress:
Funeral 1 von fourtyand auf polyvore
2. Suit with trousers:

Funeral 2 von fourtyand auf polyvore
3. Modern suit:

Funeral 3 von fourtyand auf polyvore

This way I accompanied my grandma on her last journey.

pearls as family heirloom

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