Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Meet my new companion

New companion

New companion auf polyvore

I have bought this biker jacket from H&M a few weeks ago but never had the chance to wear it because of the still cold weather in Graz. But today there was warm wind and nicer temperatures and I took out my new companion.

Despite that this jacket is not made of leather it has the typical biker cut with the asymmetrical front, zippers and snaps. I like its textured white fabric a lot, because it is more feminine than leather but is more appropriate for spring/summer than winter. Biker jackets can be worn both in a rock and a super chic variant. But I would never ride a bike with it! However, this jacket is easy to combine with jeans but also a cocktail dress. 

I took the more elegant road in black and white with a touch of gold from the scarf. More outfit combinations are yet to come. This biker style jacket will become one of my major wardrobe staples. 

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