Dienstag, 17. November 2015

One clothing item every woman must have is

definitely a blouse, in my opinion.
Shirts auf Polyvore
And many fashion designers believe the same. Every woman, especially the working woman, should have a couple of blouses in her wardrobe. And also the ones made of classic materials like cotton, poplin or silk. These materials are fashion classics for a long time of period. Only the patterns differ a little bit: sometimes narrower, sometimes looser. Right now, f.i. bow blouses are very trendy. 

blouses auf Polyvore
You can wear your blouses with jeans, a pencil dress or even with trendy jogging pants. Therefore, every woman should own a variety of different styles. And every woman will combine her blouses in a different way. We always find new ways to style our blouses. I find it very interesting how different woman wear and combine different kinds of blouses. All the time, it depends on the proportions, the length and the material. There is an endless variety ...

My favorite blouse is a classic, light blue popeline blouse from Eterna. Following is an example how I have styled it. Have you already found your perfect blouse?

Donnerstag, 12. November 2015

3 different vests for gorgeous layering looks

Right now, we have a fantastic fall in Austria. Temperatures are high during the day and the sun is shining every day. Also, mornings are not so cold. These are ideal conditions to finish layering looks with light-weight vests. But since it's already November, sleeveless vests an make our outfits cosier without letting us break out in sweat.

Vests are always a transitioning trend and I already have a few in my closet. Today, I show you my favorites. They all are easy to combine and I love to wear them in fall, winter and spring.

1. Green utility vest 
I like the masculine attitude this vest brings to every outfit. Therefore, I wear it when walking with my dog but also with a dress, because I like the contrast of feminine and masculin a lot. This kind of vest looks also great in other colors like navy blue or black but the neutral olive I like the most with this outfit.

Military vest on polyvore
2. Denim vest
I have bought my sleeveless denim jacket only in summer, because first, it reminded me of the 80s. Back then, a denim vest had this biker gang image. But when combined correctly, it becomes a very versatile piece for layering. And it is right now a very trendy street style piece. I like again the mix of the feminine maxi skirt with sportive elements.

Denim vest on polyvore
3. Fake fur vest
I love how this cozy fake fur vest upgrades every simple outfit and brings a glamorous touch to it. Mine is brown and I prefer to style it with other neutral tones like beige, brown, camel or black. It also looks good in combination with an all-black look or a tight dress with high heels.

For more inspiration on how to wear vests look here on my Pinterest Board. 

Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

3 tricks for your perfect outfit

There are those days, when I don't know what to wear. Most of the time, I plan my outfit already in the evening before, but not always the prepared clothes fit my mood or the weather has changed, or ... Then I stand in front of my closet and try to quickly find an outfit with the extra spice. 15 habits of stylish women you can also find here on popsugar.com.

Trick No. 1:
Mix feminine and edgy clothing pieces. I like to wear feminine dresses and skirts, flower prints and strong colors. On the other side, I also like leather jackets, structured blazer, edgy boots, etc. Wear these pieces together and you will automatically otbtain a cool and unique outfit.

Red dress auf polyvore
Trick No. 2:
Make a statement with a striking shoe. Shoes with prints like snake or Leo bring a unique note to every outfit. Thus, I like to wear my leo pumps to a basic outfit. Also shoes in strong colors are fun to wear and lighten up your outfit. Your look gets instantly evaluated.

Trick No. 3: 
Play with accessories. Only statement accessories make every outfit complete. Giant necklaces or earrings are my favorites. Certainly, you should not overdo it: one piece is enough. But likewise great sunglasses or a magnificent bag are superb accents for your outfit.

Above there is a look I would wear. You see, it's as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Have fun and try it!