Dienstag, 28. April 2015

Jeans and leather

Jeans und Leder

Jeans und Leder von fourtyand on polyvore
Jeans and leather are one of my favorite combinations.They can be worn nearly all year around and now in spring I like to combine with light tanned accessoires. This is a very comfortable look and I'm grateful that I work in a creative environment, where I can wear this. I even incorporated a little bit of finge with the boots. I also wear them all year round. What are your preferred outfit combinations?

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Robbie Williams on tour

This week there won't be a link list from me, since I only returned from vacation today. A full report from the hotel will follow next week. 

Robbie Williams von fourtyand auf Polyvore
Today, there will only be a short mentioning of the concerts of Robbie Williams from 21st of April 2015 in Linz. He is right now on his concert tour "Let me Entertain You" in Europe. After Bratislava he gave two concerts for Austria in Linz.

There are a lot of positive reviews in the papers (f.i. Kleine Zeitung) and they really make appetite for visiting a concert. But you can follow the full concert on You tube here. Have fun and let him entertain you.

Further tour dates here. Sein Instagram Account mit lustigen Fotos von der Tour here.

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

Dakota Johnson and Zeppelin

Whenever Dakota Johnson has got time, she walks her cute dog Zeppelin. This time she is wearing a Beach Boys Band-T-Shirt and Boyfriend Jeans from Current/Elliott with blue suede shoes. Blue suede shoes go everywhere, they are comfortable and chic at the same time. Her round sunglasses similar to 70s style from The Row are very much on trend this season. And extremely cool I find her Fedora hat, making the outfit complete. 

Nowadys she spends every free minute with her dog. But he also regularily visited her on the set of 50 Shades of Grey. Since December Dakota is Single again after quitting her relationship with Matthew Hitt. But dhe 25 year old has a cute friend. Zeppelin is a mix of a Jack Russel Terrier and a Schnauzer. 

Both breeds are great dogs. Following are a couple of differences between the breeds without wanting to be complete:
Since the Jack Russell Terrier has shorter hair, it is easier to groom and the Schnauzer  looses more hair. In general, it is easier to train a Schnauzer, because this breed is more obedient and listens better to commands. A Jack Russel Terrier needs more patience when training. More exercise needs a Jack Russell Terrier, which also is ideal for all kinds of sports or agility.

For further information, you can visit f.i. those links: Schnauzer or Jack_Russell_Terrier.

Sonntag, 19. April 2015

5 New Links of this Week

Links auf polyvore
Which is your ideal skirt length? A few tips for finding the perfect length are here on WhoWhatWear. This is very good advice for shopping and to get inspiration on perfect styling.

Time Magazine has published its 2014 list of the 100 most influential people. You can find here all chosen with photos and you can then sort by gender, age, origin or category. When you click on the photos, there will be a link to the laudatio. For Europe, the German federal chancelor Angela Merkel is important. And one of my favorite actresses Julianne Moore is also part of the crowd. For fashion there is Diane von Fürstenberg.

Who doesn't want to look as good as our idols, the actresses and stars? It`s a lot easier for them, because they have an armada of help to look great in the end. A very important role play the celebrity stylists. On WhoWhatWear here some of them share their styling advice.

And also on WhoWhatWear I found 5 good tips for looking slimmer here. Also go to my post here for some slimmering tricks.

Ines de la Fressange is a former model for Chanel and for many of us 40+ a real styling role model. Around her Parisian chic revolves the post from Sylvie on her blog 40+style here. This is a really great blog for grown-up style and I recommend you to follow.

Montag, 13. April 2015

Favorite Spring Trends - Denim

What kind of clothing piece do we all have in our closet? Jeans and if only to do some dirty work.

And in spring 2015 Denim plays again an important role. All designers presented denim in their collections. From Gucci in 70-s style, Burberry Prorsum with da classic trench made of denim to Louis Vuitton with elegant suits in denim from head to toe.  I am a big fan of denim, especially the following trends I like best. 

Jeans allover
Jeans allover auf polyvore
The All-Over Denim Trend I like a lot and I like to wear jeans together with a jeans shirt like here on this blog. This year there are also many dresses made of denim, either cool for the weekend or elegant for the office. I would combine big accessories like bright bags, embellished shoes of extravagant belts. Blousons or trench coats made of denim are also very easy to style. A denim skirt always looks good. Mini, midi or maxi, it doesn't matter. I prefer pencil skirts made of dark denim, because they can be combined very differently.

flared denim
flared denim on polyvore
Flared denim reminds me of the 70s. I wear it with a hippie blouse for the weekend or a white silk blouse for the office. The 70s are another big trend for this spring and I will publish a post soon.
Victoria Beckham also loves flared jeans.

high waisted jeans
high waisted jeans auf polyvore
I really love high waisted jeans. This year I have bought light blue skinny jeans with a very high waist. This form of jeans is cool and chic. Especially for women with a small belly this form is good.
When shopping I recognized that there are more jeans with higher waist then years before. For most women with normal figure the higher waist is ideal. Important: put the sweater or blouse always into the jeans to show off the high waist. You don't have to wear a cropped top with it.

Raw Denim

Raw Denim auf polyvore

Another important trend for the office is also Raw Denim (= dark washed). This always seems to be more elegant and problem areas can be hidden. Clothing parts made of dark denim are ideal companions for the office but can be styled with a glitter top for every party.

More inspiration for denim you can be found here on the denim.blog.

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Interesting links of the week für women

links auf polyvore
links2 auf Polyvore
A beautiful compilation of fashion expositions in Europe with all interesting information and link to the museums was compiled by Moritz Lindert on styleranking here. Fashion is truly art!

Which sunglasses go with your type? This is not always a simple decision! A pleasureably way to find out is this quiz on College Fashion. Try it!

Vivienne Westwood turned 74 on April 8. The great and unconventional designer is also fighting against climate change is a fashion icon. On The blond salad there is an article about her with many pictures of the grand dame here. I have also here written a post about her last year when her autobiography was released. 

Chanel will sell online! Until now, a purchase with Chanel should be a special experience including astonishment, to touch and of course to try on. But the customers change and therefore next year the label will launch an online shop was announced here on elle,uk. And for those you cannot wait till then, some pieces will be available soon on net-a-porter. You have to sign in here.

With humor for more tolerance! David Beckham and James Cordon ("Late late Show") show in this clip their support for gay people. The funny spot here on elle.de. How the sympatico ex-professional soccer player lives after his great carreer, I have posted on my blog here,

Here is the new campaign from Dove. Choose Beautiful! Watch the film here. Everybody is beautiful in his or her own way.

Do we want to see naked breasts on the runways? Is it art, distraction or provocation? Leandre Medine was wandering about it on her blog Man Repeller. This will make us thinking about it and everybody should make his or her own opinion.

Hillary Clinton makes it clear that she's officially seeking Democratic nomination for president. Refinery 29 reports about her chances and her campaign.  A woman for president in the White house would really be a positive sign for all women!

Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

Comfortable Spring outfit


Spring on polyvore
I wore a similar outfit today, because in the morning I still needed something cozy. That's why I took a warm long cardigan to work. My grey flare jeans are old but the combination with camel/tan tones is new to me. But the white shirt brings everything together. If you want to feel comfortable all day long, this would also be an outfit for you.

Montag, 6. April 2015

6 worthwhile links to read

Links by fourtyand on polyvore
Fresh flowers lighten up every apartement. Vicky has published 5 tips on her blog Bikini & Passports on how to have long-term joy with your flowers.

Bras can be tricky. They may fit too tight or the straps get off the shoulders when less needed. 10 common mistakes women make with their bras can be found on Refinery29. I didn't know all the facts but on my next bra purchase I will know better.

I love my trench coat! Since it is made of light material, I wear it mostly in spring and early summer. Many interesting facts around the trenchcoat you will find here on popsugar. Something new for everybody!

No to models that are too skinny in France! A French law has passed on Friday. Details here on Refinery 29.

What do fashion designers wear themselves? Of course, most attention should always lie on their collections but we are all interested in the designer itself. So WhoWhatWear has released a list of the 17 best dressed fashion designers in the world here.

Jeans should also look sexy from behind. To find out how to show off your but best in jeans go to Refinery29. Great tips!