Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Christmas is here!

Christmas crib

Christmas crib on polyvore

Jesus was born for all of us, no mather where we are from!

Merry Christmas and wonderful hollidays  to all my readers and your families!


Dienstag, 17. November 2015

One clothing item every woman must have is

definitely a blouse, in my opinion.
Shirts auf Polyvore
And many fashion designers believe the same. Every woman, especially the working woman, should have a couple of blouses in her wardrobe. And also the ones made of classic materials like cotton, poplin or silk. These materials are fashion classics for a long time of period. Only the patterns differ a little bit: sometimes narrower, sometimes looser. Right now, f.i. bow blouses are very trendy. 

blouses auf Polyvore
You can wear your blouses with jeans, a pencil dress or even with trendy jogging pants. Therefore, every woman should own a variety of different styles. And every woman will combine her blouses in a different way. We always find new ways to style our blouses. I find it very interesting how different woman wear and combine different kinds of blouses. All the time, it depends on the proportions, the length and the material. There is an endless variety ...

My favorite blouse is a classic, light blue popeline blouse from Eterna. Following is an example how I have styled it. Have you already found your perfect blouse?

Donnerstag, 12. November 2015

3 different vests for gorgeous layering looks

Right now, we have a fantastic fall in Austria. Temperatures are high during the day and the sun is shining every day. Also, mornings are not so cold. These are ideal conditions to finish layering looks with light-weight vests. But since it's already November, sleeveless vests an make our outfits cosier without letting us break out in sweat.

Vests are always a transitioning trend and I already have a few in my closet. Today, I show you my favorites. They all are easy to combine and I love to wear them in fall, winter and spring.

1. Green utility vest 
I like the masculine attitude this vest brings to every outfit. Therefore, I wear it when walking with my dog but also with a dress, because I like the contrast of feminine and masculin a lot. This kind of vest looks also great in other colors like navy blue or black but the neutral olive I like the most with this outfit.

Military vest on polyvore
2. Denim vest
I have bought my sleeveless denim jacket only in summer, because first, it reminded me of the 80s. Back then, a denim vest had this biker gang image. But when combined correctly, it becomes a very versatile piece for layering. And it is right now a very trendy street style piece. I like again the mix of the feminine maxi skirt with sportive elements.

Denim vest on polyvore
3. Fake fur vest
I love how this cozy fake fur vest upgrades every simple outfit and brings a glamorous touch to it. Mine is brown and I prefer to style it with other neutral tones like beige, brown, camel or black. It also looks good in combination with an all-black look or a tight dress with high heels.

For more inspiration on how to wear vests look here on my Pinterest Board. 

Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

3 tricks for your perfect outfit

There are those days, when I don't know what to wear. Most of the time, I plan my outfit already in the evening before, but not always the prepared clothes fit my mood or the weather has changed, or ... Then I stand in front of my closet and try to quickly find an outfit with the extra spice. 15 habits of stylish women you can also find here on

Trick No. 1:
Mix feminine and edgy clothing pieces. I like to wear feminine dresses and skirts, flower prints and strong colors. On the other side, I also like leather jackets, structured blazer, edgy boots, etc. Wear these pieces together and you will automatically otbtain a cool and unique outfit.

Red dress auf polyvore
Trick No. 2:
Make a statement with a striking shoe. Shoes with prints like snake or Leo bring a unique note to every outfit. Thus, I like to wear my leo pumps to a basic outfit. Also shoes in strong colors are fun to wear and lighten up your outfit. Your look gets instantly evaluated.

Trick No. 3: 
Play with accessories. Only statement accessories make every outfit complete. Giant necklaces or earrings are my favorites. Certainly, you should not overdo it: one piece is enough. But likewise great sunglasses or a magnificent bag are superb accents for your outfit.

Above there is a look I would wear. You see, it's as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Have fun and try it!

Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Black & Yellow - feeling like a wasp or high fashion?

Black & Yellos
Black & Yellow on polyvore

I love to wear black and in my closet there are many clothing items of this color. Is it a color anyway or a non-color? Give it a rest - the color is so favorable because it is easy to mix with other colors, it helps us look leaner and is definitely a very elegant color. But to wear only simply black is not my case and for funerals. Therefore, I have styled this monochrome black outfit with the contrasting and sunny color yellow.  
Here on my Instagram you can see, how I wore this outfit today. My jeans are from H&M and coated with a slightly shining snake print. I have had them for many years and always like to wear them. My blazer is from Mexx and belongs to an also "older" suit. The wedge sneakers are from funky shoes and I also own them for some years now. For bicycling to work, they are perfect. The scarf and bag are from New Yorker. They play a leading role here, though they are only accessories.

Maybe, some of you might think of a wasp. And for somebody, who is afraid of these insects, the color combination is not suitable. But I like it and I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit today. It is an alternative to Black & White and something different. Will you try it anytime soon?

Dienstag, 8. September 2015

Tuck it in - a simple way to upgrade your outfit

Tucked von fourtyand auf Polyvore
Today, I will show you different possibilities by tucking a top into the waistband of your bottom and therefore making your outfit more exciting and interesting. On my blog you can find more ways to enhance your outfits by simple steps here and here or here.

The Full Tuck:
I love to tuck my tops into the waistband to show my waist and therefore my X-body shape. And in my opinion, it looks more professional and appears to be even more interesting with, for instance a belt. Making my legs look longer is another big advantage. But in summer with high temperatures, I also often wear tops outside the waist, since it is a little bit breezier.

How to do a Full Tuck? 
First, you put on your blouse or shirt and then the pants or the skirt over it. Stretch your arms over your head to release as much fabric to make the outfit comfortable to move. Watch yourself in the mirror and adjust the fabric the way you like it.

Tuck1 auf polyvore

The Front Tuck:
This way you will be styled in front for the office and in rear ready for the party. This is the best way to show your waist without appearing too lazy. It is a lot easier than the full tuck and makes a simple outfit a fashion statement. Worn with a belt, it's even cooler. If you put the front tuck a little bit to the side, you may even hide a small tummy.

How to do the Front Tuck?
First, put on your bottom and then the top. You then grab the hem of your blouse in the middle or further to the side, twirl it a little bit and put it with on hand into your pants. In front of the mirror, you can find the prettiest option. Be sure to control the rear side since sometimes a blouse can look like a balloon. 

Unbenannt #411 auf polyvore
The Half Tuck:
This way, a classic wardrobe staple like the button-down becomes cool since it looks a little bit unfinished and therefore casual. You could say it looks a little bit lazy but on the weekend this can be desirable sometimes. For the office, I would not wear this option. When tucking in the top, a pretty belt or other details around your waist can be emphasized.

How to do the Half Tuck:
You just don't close your blouse down to the bottom but leave the lowest buttons open. Then, you only put one side into your waistband. The other side will be left outside casually. 

The Wrap and Tuck:
This is the newest way to wear a button-down and give it a complete new look. It reminds of a wrap top and also conceals a small pouch. It is the most striking way to tuck a blouse but definitely very trendy.

How to do the Wrap and Tuck?
Take a wide blouse with a collar or borrow from your guy, wrap it halfway around your body, put the other side over it and into the waist. And there it is, your new wrap blouse.

Following, I have tried a couple of different styling options:

Tunika außen getragen
front tuck
ganz hineingesteckt
vorne seitlich in den Bund gesteckt
Tucking in gives variety to your daily outfit routine. It's a fresh way of styling clothes differently and at the same time incredibly simple. Try it today!

Freitag, 14. August 2015

Reasons to get a knit midi dress fast

knit midi dress
knit midi dress on polyvore
Since we still have warm temperatures right now, no one wants to think of colder weather. But it is never bad to rethink your fall wardrobe. Are you ready like me? Seeing the first fall clothes in shop windows inspires you to get yourself a cool knitted dress in a comfortable length. I prefer the knee hitting dress. 

This dress will become an essential piece of your fall and winter wardrobe, because it can be combined in a very elegant or cool way. The simple silhouette is perfect for nearly everything. Together with an elegant jacket you can wear it to the office. Worn with a long cardigan (even very long ones are becoming trend pieces) it can also be worn on weekends. Styled with statement jewelry pieces and high heels you can take it to party, with your jeans or moto jacket it will always look quite cool. 

By the way, it is a simple solution for transitioning into fall and can also be styled together with leggings or pants in winter. Tip: I like to wear spanx underneath, because it helps to hide my bit of a tummy. And the dress will not clinch to your pantyhose which can be rather unpleasant. So: either for the office, the weekend, for girls night out or a big party - the knitted dress is a feminine versatile genius. Will you buy one or do you already have one?

This dress is from Orsay and I bought it last year on sale. 
Dress over pants are the solution for shorter dresses on cold days. 

Montag, 10. August 2015

Add a little color to your outfit for more interest

These days, everyone likes to wear dark colors, mainly black. But if you enter a room wearing a bold color, you will certainly be recognized. If you are brave enough, you will try this deliberately and wear a blazer, pants or a top in vivid pink or red and grab all the attention. 

For those, who don't want to attract all the attention, should at least add an accessory like a scarf in a bold color. Accessories are anyway a very important part of your wardrobe and can be played with in a variety of possibilities. With accessories you can create a more modern Look. I like to use this concept when there is a "fashion color" for a new season. Then I buy only a bag, a scarf or shoes in this bold color and the basics of my outfit stay the same. 

I love the daring look of a yellow or neon pink bag worn with an otherwise all black outfit. You may also use a colored belt to emphasize your waist. A striking shoe also goes very well with a simple jeans and white blouse or t-shirt look. 

Following are a few explaining examples from the internet and from my Outfits of the Day: 

Farbe im Outfit

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Mick Jagger turns 72

Mick Jagger turns 72

Mick Jagger turns 72 auf polyvore

Mick Jagger turns 72 today. He is the embodiment of a rock star. Together with the Rolling Stones he significantly changed the music as we know today. I have always been a big fan of The Rolling Stones band and also admired Mick Jagger. Though, he is in my opinion not a good looking guy but he has got that certain something women like. So happy birthday and still many more rocking years!

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

6 links with interesting news and new tips

One of the top news coming from America was the new possibility of same sex marriages. Here on stylecaster there is some short information. It took a long time until this was legal but the United States of America show a very progressive attitude. In Austria, we haven't come so far but chances for equalization grow. 

If you like your workout routine already, you probably won't need advice from personal trainer Tracy Anderson, but if you are always interested in improving your workout you have to read this article on Olivia Palermo's blog

A long bob = Lob is at the moment the most worn hairstyle in Los Angeles. How to create 3 different hairstyle on following days without washing your hair you can find on refinery29 here (from hairstylist Anh Co Tran).

How would you like this? Even from far away everybody could recognize your mood only when looking at your scarf. The Amsterdam based firm Neffa has created a cloth which changes color and stripes depending on your body temperatureHere on refinery29 you find a video with additional information.

Bras have to be taken care carefully. How to wash them the right way and other interesting facts about bras you can read on huffpost here.

At the moment, there is a big heat wave in middle Europe and we are not used to it. On her blog Glamupyourlifestyle Claudia has published here her tips how to cope with high temperatures more easily. Particularly important for days at the office. 

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

What to wear to a funeral?

A funeral is never a happy event. My grandma died with 94 years having Alzheimer for about 10 years. It was time for her to go. To accompany her on her last way. But what to wear? I like traditions and I think it is important to follow a certain etiquette. Tips regarding behavior on funerals can be found on the internet and most of them are quite helpful.

I think, that at least close relatives should wear black at the funeral. Black is these days a fashion color and everybody has black clothes in his or her closet. A funeral is a special event and therefore you should dress up a little bit. Never mind if a little black dress or a suit, traditional or modern. Shoulders however should be covered and you shouldn't show too much cleavage and wear black tights. Friends and not so close relatives of course could also wear blouses or shirts in lighter shades than black. But colors should not be too loud. 

Following are a few suggestions from me. 
1. Little black dress:
Funeral 1 von fourtyand auf polyvore
2. Suit with trousers:

Funeral 2 von fourtyand auf polyvore
3. Modern suit:

Funeral 3 von fourtyand auf polyvore

This way I accompanied my grandma on her last journey.

pearls as family heirloom