Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015



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Unfortunately, my grandmother died this week. In October, she would have had her 95th birthday. She had a good life and was very sick at the end. In this situation, you know the end could come every day, but when it's there, it is always hard. Therefore, I didn't write a post this week, but here is the link list as every Sunday.

Hanna shows on the German blog Journelles  the 5 best of the long lasting lipsticks to buy. She tested them all and here are her test results.

As you probably know, fashion is one of my favorite hobbies but a well-groomed experience is also very important. So I always read beauty tips. Here for example on the model Anja Rubik presented her 10 best beauty tips. Maybe, you can find something new?
Vacation time is coming! 24 interesting travel tips to save money, you can find on the blog Travelettes here. Some of them are pretty amazing.

From 7th till the 10th of July the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will take place in Berlin. The top model Doutzen Kroes from the Netherlands is the campaign face. More information on the fashion week you can find here on the Elle Germany Homepage. 

Now something for fans of Brigitte Bardot: unpublished pictures of the London based photographer Ray Bellisario from the year 1968 are shown in London. Look here on the Interview magazine's homepage for more information.  

Would you eat food coming out of the garbage? There are more and more discussions on this topic and in France there is even a law were shops are not allowed to throw away food. They have to spend the still eatable food for charity. Maddie has written about this topic on her blog Dariadaria here. You have to read it!

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

5 excellent links, we can learn something from


In the Middle East and also in Afrika many refugees try to reach the safe Europe. Now, there are huge refugee problems coming to Europe. Angelina Jolie was in Turkey to inform the world about the problems. Reed the Telegraph here for more details. This political issue  and others makes me thinking. Would you like to read about my thoughts on social problems on my blog?

Victoria Beckham has arrainged 25 outfits for babies and children made of clothes of her daughter Harper Seven. They are sold from June 18 to 28 on the Ebay-Store Mary’s Living & Giving and the proceed go to the UN-organisation Save the Children. I think this is again a great charity idea form the designer. Look closer here.

Which celebrity likes to wear the same travel outfit as you? If you want to find out, take here the fun quiz on refinery29.

The Fall fashion campaigns of the top labels are coming into the newest fashion magazines. This is always a feast for our eyes and inspiration for fall. Fashion gone rouge has the pictures here

If you want to show the world your pictures, you definitely have an Instagram-Account. According to refinery29 these are the 55 most stylish instagram-feeds. Let's have a look at them!

Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

Blazer and scarves

For the office, I like the combination of blazer or jacket with Blouse and trousers. The ultimate accessoire to make the outfit even more classic and stylish is a pretty scarf. Scarves can be knotted in many different ways and one will fit every occasion. Following are a couple of examples from the internet:

Blazer and scarves auf polyvore
And this is my way of styling it:

Other ways of using scarves you can see on my  Pinterest-Board Accessoires here.

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

How to style a parka with a simple shirt and jeans

A parka is a long hooded anorak. Originated in Alaska and Siberia it was used later on with the military. The practical long jacket usually has big bags and can be lined or not and with fur on the hood also be worn in winter. Since the 1960s the military look became a fashion trend and now the parka is worn by fashionitas all over the world. Here you can find more details.

Normally, the parka is not typically for summer but when it's cool and rainy, my practical summer parka from H&M comes in handy. On the H&M website you can find parkas in different colors and shapes.

My parka is already a couple of years old with big bags, hood and integrated belt to regulate the width of the chunky jacket. The color is classic military green and can be combined easily with other colors. I also like parkas in dark blue and neutral colors, because they substitute a trench coat. The look gets a little bit younger and also more casual. 

For the rest I choose classic items of clothing like a white T-shirt with a v-neck and jeans with strait legs. My jeans are already a little bit frayed at the legs since I have it for nearly ten years and wear it a lot. I think, ripped jeans only look good on young women. I wouldn't buy ripped jeans!

Jeans and T-shirt are a classic combination, comfortable and can be worn from women of all ages and on all occasions. The color combination I chose is an empty canvas for other colors and prints to give the outfit a little bit of color. With the yellow scarf and my yellow bag I integrated color splash of colors into the outfit. Totally necessary on a dark and rainy day. 

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015

Cycling - Styling idea

Cycling auf polyvore
Today, there was a beautiful summer's day and I took the bicycle to go to the office. My denim jacket is the ideal companion when it's still a little bit cooler in the morning.

My jeans from H&M I already bought a few years ago. With their light blue color they fit perfect into summer. And together with the platform sandals also to the 70s trend. Though, for cycling they should not be too high. I like to combine leather and jeans. And include another trend: denim on denim. The black leather tank top makes the outfit cool and not sexy.

Other ways to wear a leather top: