Freitag, 14. August 2015

Reasons to get a knit midi dress fast

knit midi dress
knit midi dress on polyvore
Since we still have warm temperatures right now, no one wants to think of colder weather. But it is never bad to rethink your fall wardrobe. Are you ready like me? Seeing the first fall clothes in shop windows inspires you to get yourself a cool knitted dress in a comfortable length. I prefer the knee hitting dress. 

This dress will become an essential piece of your fall and winter wardrobe, because it can be combined in a very elegant or cool way. The simple silhouette is perfect for nearly everything. Together with an elegant jacket you can wear it to the office. Worn with a long cardigan (even very long ones are becoming trend pieces) it can also be worn on weekends. Styled with statement jewelry pieces and high heels you can take it to party, with your jeans or moto jacket it will always look quite cool. 

By the way, it is a simple solution for transitioning into fall and can also be styled together with leggings or pants in winter. Tip: I like to wear spanx underneath, because it helps to hide my bit of a tummy. And the dress will not clinch to your pantyhose which can be rather unpleasant. So: either for the office, the weekend, for girls night out or a big party - the knitted dress is a feminine versatile genius. Will you buy one or do you already have one?

This dress is from Orsay and I bought it last year on sale. 
Dress over pants are the solution for shorter dresses on cold days. 

Montag, 10. August 2015

Add a little color to your outfit for more interest

These days, everyone likes to wear dark colors, mainly black. But if you enter a room wearing a bold color, you will certainly be recognized. If you are brave enough, you will try this deliberately and wear a blazer, pants or a top in vivid pink or red and grab all the attention. 

For those, who don't want to attract all the attention, should at least add an accessory like a scarf in a bold color. Accessories are anyway a very important part of your wardrobe and can be played with in a variety of possibilities. With accessories you can create a more modern Look. I like to use this concept when there is a "fashion color" for a new season. Then I buy only a bag, a scarf or shoes in this bold color and the basics of my outfit stay the same. 

I love the daring look of a yellow or neon pink bag worn with an otherwise all black outfit. You may also use a colored belt to emphasize your waist. A striking shoe also goes very well with a simple jeans and white blouse or t-shirt look. 

Following are a few explaining examples from the internet and from my Outfits of the Day: 

Farbe im Outfit